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International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy

Exact, Complete, Depth – The 8 Box Method of Case Analysis

  • Price: 300 Euro
  • Date: Fri, Oct 19, 2018 - Sun, Oct 21, 2018
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Venue: Patriarchal Palace, Bucharest, Romania
  • Location: Aleea Dealul Mitropoliei nr. 25, Bucharest, Romania


“Based on the idea of exactness and completeness, the tool is designed to classify the patient’s information, so that we may not ignore one piece of information for the other. It lays out a tabular arrangement of the symptoms/ information of the patient such that each individual box reveals finer and more peculiar symptoms of the case, a glance at the entire table reveals the pattern or the essence of the patient. The tool thus allows a prescription that is both individual and holistic. The whole purpose is to not ignore any aspect of the patient.

Generally, the reason why there is a failure in practice is because we ignore something in the case. We only want to select symptoms that are sure and clear, and most of the time, we only take the symptoms that fit into the remedy picture that we have in our mind. The 8-Box Method compels the practitioner or student to not to ignore any aspect of the case.

The 8-Box Method is a reproducible approach used to find the most correct remedy and it is one step ahead of Synergy.

I found that by teaching and practicing this I had more clarity and consistency in the results, even the students were able to replicate it, they found clear guidelines of how to use the information of the patient.

Also, once you have the 8 box method it is important to use all methodologies. Some homeopaths use the pathology, some practice with mind symptoms and some practice with keynotes. But with 8 box it becomes imperative to use all aspects and bring all methodologies together. It is comprehensive.”

Exact, Complete, Depth, The 8 Box Method of Case Analysis By Rajan Sankaran


During the event, for one and a half hours Dr. Rajan Sankaran will conduct a WISE process (witnessing the inner song experience).

Your journey towards healing begins with an awareness of The Other Song playing inside you.

Being aware of and experiencing The Other Song within allows one to understand the causes of stress, and also, helps to reduce the intensity and effect of that stress on us.

As this happens we can come out of the fixed melody that rules our lives and have the freedom to be and live in the now.
In a supportive and relaxing environment, participants have the chance to discover their inner pattern under the guidance of Dr. Rajan Sankaran, through thoughtfully created exercises and reflective processes,

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